Little Shabby
Mostly Chic

Old walls are brought to life for the next few years. Room with malty history and deep patina. Space for culture and events of almost all kinds.

The Gösserhalle once served as a warehouse for Gösser beer in Vienna. Old horse-drawn carriages delivered the wooden barrels to the taverns of the federal capital.

For now on, new dimensions will be created in the event location sky on a total area of around 5,000 square meters. And this in the center of Vienna. Located in Favoriten directly next to Vienna‘s main railway station, the partly brick building „Little shabby, but mostly chic“ shines through.

Five halls from 200 square meters to 1,300 square meters can be used in different ways or together. The different architectural characteristics of the halls make many things possible. We are sure it will.

A location that has worked hard to be needed. A place that offers space for experience. The Gösserhalle in the center of Vienna.

The Halls

Each hall tells its own story. Maybe yours soon, too. In addition to the 5 main halls, the Gösserhalle also have sufficient adjoining rooms such as offices, break-outs and cloakrooms.

Little Shabby
but mostly Chic


It is so often about the “first impression” and of course also about imagination. Get your own first impression and come by.